Types Of Sushi Rolls

If you love to eat sushi but keep eating the same ones over and over again because you don’t know much about the types of sushi rolls, maybe this will help you. There are over 20 different sushi rolls to choose from. Below are some of the names of sushi and descriptions of them.

10103759016_2dee9966c0_zThere is the California Roll. This roll is a reverse roll which features an avocado, fish cake, seaweed, rice, and cucumber. They are usually coated with masago or sesame seed.

Another one is the Dragon Roll. This roll is inside out and has eel in the center. The outside of it features sliced avocado to make it look like scales of a dragon.

There is also an Eel Roll. The Eel is broiled and usually combined with a cucumber or avocado. It is also garnished with an eel sauce.

Gunkan-Maki has many different things in it. Gunkan-Maki is known as a battleship roll. It features neta which is liquid sushi and may have quail eggs, oysters, uni, and tobiko in it.

one more roll that is interesting is the Kamikazi Roll. It is made from ingredients that the restaurant chooses. It may be served inside out and feature crab stick, crunchy spicy tuna, avocado, or yellow tail.

Fall In Love With Intricately Prepared Sushi

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The Art of Sushi, Right before Your Eyes

In Japanese culture, sushi is considered an art form. How it tastes is just as important as how it appears. To create the most visually appealing sight, chefs in sushi bar roll and arrange the final product, on the plate, according to their own unique styles. The art of preparing and presenting sushi is something that these chefs have spent years learning and perfecting.

The whole affair of getting the meal ready happens right before your eyes. Therefore, your appetite will be supercharged by the whole spectacle of art unraveling right before your eyes and the smell of sweet aromas.

More than Just a Ball of Rice & Fish
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Places To Eat In Austin And Austin Sushi

Austin food has variety of recipes, including continental, Mexican, Indian, Arabian and other cuisines. Sushi is basically a Japanese food. It is quite popular in Austin as well but if you are new here, then you will have to spend some time spotting a restaurant that suits your taste.

Your choice of places to eat in Austin should be guided by several factors, including hygiene, variety of sushi, cost, distance from your place and the time it takes to serves an order. There may be some restaurants which are costly but deserve to be visited with your family owing to their aura, service and quality of food.

Obviously, a very good restaurant with an overflowing customer list won’t be your first choice unless you get a reservation. Otherwise, you will have to spend time waiting for it. So, to avoid such time waste, better find a place which takes online orders.

This will reduce your waiting time since you can go to the place to collect your order by the committed time. If you have ever eaten Sushi in Japan, then you may find Austin sushi a bit different. But there are some Japanese chefs who have mastered the art so well that their recipe would remind you of the sushi you ate in Japan.

For foodies, every effort to find a restaurant fitting their taste is worth it. However, if your tastes are very specific like that of sushi, then you will have to look around intently to find a good place to eat it. In fact, in bigger cities, Sushi restaurants are distributed far apart from each other.

A good eating place can never remain hidden from a foodie, though he may have to travel some distance to titillate his taste buds. At a good restaurant, you can even order Sushi according to your preferences like adding some spices to it or reducing salt.

Whatever you do, you can definitely have fun with Austin food.